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eBalita came out of a need. I observed that Filipinos who have been away from the Philippines had a tendency to lose touch with what is going on back home. The longer they have been away, the greater the risk of them growing indifferent about issues that are important to Filipinos. I thought bringing them the latest news would help bridge the gap. I started emailing the latest news from the Philippines to a handful of friends and relatives. Through word of mouth and the power of the internet, it caught on. eBalita's subscribers include Filipinos from every corner of the world!

The enormous success of eBalita, inspired the idea for A portal for Filipinos, by Filipinos. aims to be a bridge that spans continents to bring together Filipinos and the very best Filipinos have to offer.

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LOS ANGELES (April 2014) Pilipino Workers Center has joined a collaborative of organizations to educate, assist and advocate for low-income and non- or limited-English speakers with issues regarding their telephone.  The Team program is a program funded by the California Public Utilities Commission and addresses issues such as Unauthorized Third party, unfair disconnection, high bills, poor signal, misleading ads and rude customer service.  PWC informs the community through educational workshops on slamming, cramming, prepaid- cards, understanding your bill and much more. PWC recommends customers to review their phone bills in order to understand their service and call the customer service number in case they don’t understand something and ask for an explanation. In case the customer service representative cannot solve the problem, PWC can help resolve the problem. PWC is able to provide in-language services to Tagalog speakers and Spanish speakers, and no one in need of assistance will be turned away.

"This program is important for our community because sometimes the practices of the phone companies results in our community members paying more than they should or need to.  This takes money out of their pockets that could go to their children's tuition, food, rent or other necessities," explains Executive Director of PWC, Aquilina Soriano Versoza.

PWC has seen various cases already of individuals that were paying more than they should.  One client signed up for a new cellphone and when she got the bill, the charges were completely different than she understood them to be. She had been signed up for different services and programs that she had never agreed to.  Through the TEAM program, PWC was able to help her resolve her case so that she wouldn't have to pay more than she had agreed to. Many times it is difficult for immigrants, especially non-English or limited English to navigate the customer service of a company to resolve their problems. Sometimes it is difficult to even recognize the extra charges. And this is why it is important for an organization to be available to help these individuals and families.

For more information or assistance, community members can contact Pilipino Workers Center at (213) 250-4353 or online at PWC is located in Historic Filipinotown at 153 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026.
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